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Heavy Duty, Quality Pipe for Low Pressure Applications.

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RPM Pipe is a leader in manufacturing plastic pipe out of recycled plastic.

Their range of plastic pipe and water management products have been designed to save you water, time and money.

  • Heavy Duty, Quality Pipe and Accessories
  • Culverts, Flood Irrigation, Drainage & Pipe Lines
  • Feed and Water Troughs
  • Fabrication to Suit Your Needs
  • Lightweight, Easy to handle, Quick Installation

They pride them selves on being an innovative recycled plastic pipe manufacturer. Their factory and offices are based in northern Victoria and services clients throughout central Victoria and southern New South Wales.

They produce High Density PolyEthylene (HDPE) pipe, the same plastic used in common black poly agricultural flood pipe.

Their innovative process allows them to use 100% recycled HDPE that has previously been made into milk, detergent and similar bottles.

RPM’s Pipes are ideal for any low pressure application such as drainage, crossovers, culverts, pump wells and great for flood irrigation plus they can be cut and welded. RPM’s Pipes all have the spigot and faucet system (bell end) for easier joining.

Suitable for “heavy duty” applications in a range of different diameters and supplied in 6 metre lengths for ease of handling and transport.

RPM Pipe have been recycling plastics into pipes since 1998 with a reputation for a quality product and reliable service.


RPM has been the leader in manufacturing plastic pipe out of recycled plastic since 1998. RPM have always supplied heavy duty, quality pipe for low pressure applications.

RPM Pipe comes in four sizes: 315, 400, 450 and 630mm OD. Available in 6mtr lengths with a fully formed and machined spigot faucet system for joining lengths together.

RPM also offer an “O” ring seal if needed, that will give you a water tight seal seal for low pressure transfer.

RPM Pipe has been developed to be a tough, robust pipe suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether it be culverts, flood irrigation, drainage or pipe line RPM Pipe has the right pipe for you.

  • Sizes: 315, 400, 450, and 630mm OD
  • 6 mtr lengths
  • Spigot and faucet joining system
  • “O” ring seals available
  • Tough and robust
  • Suitable for culverts, flood irrigation, drainage or pipe lines






RPM head walls are new to the market and are made of different material to that of other manufacturers. RPM’s head walls are made from fibre glass, which give you a very strong head wall at a minimal weight. Fibre glass has been proven to last a very long time in all weather conditions.

RPM head walls are quite easy to move into place by yourself with no need to hire a machine which cuts down on the price of installation.

RPM head walls will give you that finished touch and improves your water flow.

All up, RPM Pipe combined with RPM head walls will give you the complete package, good pipe, good head walls and easy to install.

  • Extra Strong, Light Weight
  • Fibre Glass Construction
  • Easy, Single Person Installation
  • Improved Water Flow

head wall

RPM can fabricate any of their pipe into a number of things including pump wells, T pieces, any angle that you want 45, 90 degrees or anything in between, Y junctions and manifolds just to mention a few. RPM can make one off pieces just for your specific needs.

  • Custom design to suit your needs
  • Pump Wells
  • “T” Pieces
  • 45, 90 or Custom Angle Joins
  • “Y” Junctions
  • Manifolds
  • “One Off” Custom Pieces also welcomed




RPM water and feed troughs have been developed with farmers in mind.

Water troughs come with 80mm outlets for easy cleaning and 25mm float valve.

Water troughs are available in 1.9m lengths with the float valve then you just add combinations of 2.4m long sections that join easily via an 80mm joining system

You can make the troughs as short or as long as you need.

Feed troughs are the ideal way to feed your stock, as it also cuts the cost of feeding due to next-to-no waste.

Feed troughs will also be 2.4m long for ease of delivery and handling around the farm.

All troughs have galvanised feet, the ends are screwed on and welded which makes for a very robust trough.

  • Easy to clean
  • Tough Robust Design
  • 80mm Drain Outlet
  • 25 mm Float Valve (Water Troughs)
  • Galvanised Feet



The table below shows the dimensions of the specimens, loads at 5% deflection, the calculated pipe stiffness vaules for each of the test specimens and an average stiffness for the sample. The pipe stiffness vaules were calculated in accordance with AS/NZS 1462.22:1997, Clause 8.

Table: Pipe Stiffness Classes.

Sample ID Stiffness Class (AS/NZS
1254:2002 Table 3.2)
Stiffness Class (AS/NZS
1260:2002 Table 3.2)


Samples of DN300, DN400, DN450 and DN630 recycled PE pipe supplied by Recycled Plastic Pipe Manufactures Pty. Ltd. were tested for pipe Stiffness in accordance with AS/NZS 1462:22:1997 and given a stiffness rating in accordance with AS/NZS 1260:2002 and AS/NZS 1254:2002. Pipe sizes DN400, DN450 and DN630 were found to meet the requirements of SN4 according to both AS/NZS 1260:2002 and AS/NZS 1254:2002. The DN300 pipe sample was found to meet the requirements of SN6 and SN4 rating in.

Approximate maximum head pressure for
Bay plugger and Right angle plugger

(removeable handle)
(fixed handle)
Size of Pipe Maximum
Head Pressure
Size of Pipe Maximum
Head Pressure
inches mm inches cm inches mm inches cm
6 160 72 180
6-9 160-250 36 100 12 315 36 90
12 315 24 60 15 400 24 60
15 400 Level with
top of pipe
18-20 450-500 12 30
21-24 530-600 6 15


RPM Pipe Specifications

315mm 360mm 320mm 290mm 320mm 315mm 6 mtrs 70kgs
400mm 455mm 415mm 384mm 415mm 410mm 6 mtrs 110kgs
440mm 517mm 465mm 425mm 465mm 460mm 6 mtrs 130kgs
630mm 670mm 630mm 595mm 640mm 620mm 6 mtrs 240kgs

Guide to the back filling of plastic pipes